Forest Management

  • Land Management

    Land ManagementStart with a Plan
    Our land management always starts with a detailed plan.
  • Sustainable Conservation

    Sustainable ConservationProtecting & Preserving
    Focus on the natural ecosystem that is home for plants & wildlife.
  • Take Action

    Take ActionReady to Begin?
    Contact us to take the next step with your forest management.
  • Purchasing

  • Standing Timber

    Standing TimberQuality Grade Timber
    We purchase veneer & quality grade standing timber. Specializing in walnut & white oak, but not exclusive.
  • Farms & Acreage

    Farms & AcreageInvesting in the Land
    With our focus on forest management, we feel that investing in farms & acreage is beneficial to us all as a community.
  • Hunting & Recreational Land

    Hunting & Recreational LandA Passion for Wildlife
    As land specialists, purchasing hunting and recreational land guarantees it will not be further developed by big business.
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    • Professional Organizations

      • The Ohio Forestry Association
      • Soil Water Conservation Society
      • National Woodland Owners