Buying Hunting & Recreational Land

As Ohio’s foremost leader in sustainable logging and forestry management, Select Forestry is always interested in buying hunting and recreational lands that are wooded. At Select Forestry, we believe we are stewards of the land, so if you are considering selling your land, you can count on us to manage it responsibly, with long-term, sustainable practices and an eye toward the future.

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Responsible Logging On Forested Land

The truth is, responsible land stewardship means harvesting trees occasionally, even on hunting or recreational land. Select Forestry occasionally acquires these types of land for their high-quality logging potential. While some may be concerned about possible negative effects on existing wildlife or remaining trees, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is just a short list of benefits responsible, selective cutting can have on wooded hunting and recreational lands:

  • With proper thinning, you can expect an increase in undergrowth, attracting even more deer, quail, turkey, and other game.
  • Selective cutting means we don’t take all the specimens of any one type of tree species, so the land will continue to support a variety of wildlife.
  • Selective cutting can improve access to timber stands, allowing people to utilize even more recreational land.
  • Selective cutting promotes new growth, increasing the amount of light to the forest floor and increasing the growth rate of remaining plants, especially those that are shade-intolerant.

If you are interested in selling an existing hunting tract or recreational area, but want to make sure it will be responsibly managed, give the team at Select Forestry Services a call today!

Selling To Select Forestry Services

In addition to selective logging services, Select Forestry is also interested in the acquisition of rural land tracts for conservation and logging efforts. With our focus on forestry management, we believe investing in wooded lands benefits us all as a community.

Many private woodland owners have chosen to sell their property to Select Forestry, with the understanding that we will continue to carefully manage their property.

Here are just a few reasons to consider selling to Select Forestry Services:

  • Selling to us guarantees the land will not be developed by big business.
  • Our sustainable logging practices mean the land will not be clear-cut or decimated, but carefully tended to and preserved for decades to come.
  • Our real estate agents are land specialists, so you can count on receiving a fair, competitive offer.

If you are interested in selling your timberland, please contact Select Forestry Services today at (614) 336-9758. We hope to hear from you!

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