Sustainable Conservation

Our forested lands are some of our most valuable assets. At Select Forestry Services, we are committed to acquiring, managing, and utilizing those lands, while protecting and preserving the existing forest structure, wildlife, and overall ecosystem for future generations.

If you are a landowner in Ohio, give Select Forestry Services a call at (614) 336-9758. Let us help you learn more about how you can preserve and even improve your wooded lands, while also benefiting financially from them!

Our Guiding Principles

Select Forestry Services is unlike any other timber harvesting operation in that our #1 goal is responsible, sustainable forest management. That means we view ourselves as stewards of the land, and we employ ethical growth and harvest practices to maximize profit of timbered areas, while ensuring they and the surrounding resources (wildlife, water, soil, etc.) are protected for future use and harvest.

Here are just a few evidences of our commitment to sustainable conservation:

  • We are members of several prestigious sustainability-centered organizations, including The Ohio Forestry Association, Soil and Water Conservation Society, and National Woodland Owners.
  • We adhere to state regulations that set standards for forest management, including erosion control, water preservation, etc.
  • We utilize logging practices that support and enhance the natural lifecycle of forest spaces.
  • We take every opportunity to use methods that reduce impact to surrounding forest – directional tree felling, developing road systems, and more.

Benefits of Selective Logging

At Selective Forestry Services, we are committed to harvesting timber that is necessary to life today, while protecting forest resources for this and future generations. This is why we exclusively offers selective logging services.

Selective cutting is the removal of selected trees within a forest based on criteria such as diameter, height, species, etc. Remaining trees are left in the stand, to continue to grow. Selective cutting aims to reduce the impact of logging to forest areas, while improving forest health and maximizing profits to landowners.

Other benefits include:

  • Provides a win-win situation of economic benefit to landowners and loggers while delivering conservation value for the forest.
  • Supports more wildlife than other methods by keeping habitats intact.
  • Encourages trees to re-seed and grow back faster with increased access to light.
  • Diminishes risk of forest fire.
  • Minimizes soil erosion.

Contact Us Today!

Select Forestry Services is working to solve many of the concerns that exist within the lumber industry. With our careful implementation of mindful, sustainable harvesting practices, we aim to help clients realize the full potential of their forested lands – for recreation, personal enjoyment, hunting, logging, and much more. Call us today at (614) 336-9758 to learn more!

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