Forest Management

At Select Forestry Services, we’re in the business of forest management – a modern approach to logging that applies customized solutions and sustainable methods to your property to maximize profit while ensuring your forest spaces are improved preserved for future generations. As Ohio’s leader in selective cut logging and forestry management, Select Forestry values the customers we’ve gained during our nearly 30 years in business.

If you own or manage a wooded property in Ohio, give us a call today at (614) 336-9758 and talk to one of our team members about our forestry management services.

Full-Service Forestry Management

Private land owners represent a significant opportunity for Ohio’s timber industry. While most landowners are aware (to some extent) that their property may be worth a great deal, knowing how to access that profit without destroying the resource’s potential for future growth and income is another matter. That is where Select Forestry comes in.

We are Ohio’s #1 forestry management company, uniquely qualified to bring region-specific knowledge to the supervision and utilization of your wooded lands. Our team members’ expertise covers a wide range of forestry management topics:

  • Re-forestation
  • Vegetation control
  • Forest culling
  • Road maintenance
  • General timber stand management
  • Timber buying
  • Timber logging
  • Marketing
  • Landowner relations
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Ecosystem preservation
  • Tree stand improvement
  • And more!

Whether you are simply looking to improve the health and quality of your tree stand for future sale, or whether you are looking to partner with a company who will offer you competitive rates for a timber sale, Select Forestry Services is the first call you should make. We are happy to advise clients on the best practices for their individual properties. Call us today to see how we can help you manage your forest!

Superior Customer Service With Custom Solutions

The first thing you’ll notice as you work with Select Forestry Services is we’re not like the other guys. We are proud to say we are the best in customer service in our industry, with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Our vast experience working with private landowners, conservation groups, trusts, and more means we’re equipped to offer completely customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

When you meet with Select Forestry about complete forest management, you’ll notice a difference in the way we listen to you. Our goal isn’t to see how much timber we can take and how much money we can make – our foremost goal is to understand your short and long-term goals for your forested property and to craft a plan of action that will meet those needs.

Getting Started

Whether you want help managing your forested space for personal enjoyment, outdoor recreation, timber harvesting, or another use, Select Forestry Services out of Dublin, Ohio, and Warren, Ohio, is here to help. We can help you define your land goals, create a detailed plan to get you there, and then carry out those plans.

Call us today at (614) 336-9758 to get direct access to the industry’s most qualified and caring professionals. We look forward to working with you!

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